Disability Day of Mourning 2015

It is this whole we/them way of thinking put to use against Autism/Aspergers and any other form of disability that annoys the majority. I don’t know if there is any other real way of fighting such attitudes beyond raising our voices the way Caffinated Autistic has in this article.

The Caffeinated Autistic

It’s almost midnight on the east coast, and today was the Disability Day of Mourning for 2015.  This event began several years ago after the murder of George Hodgins, when a group of disabled activists, several of whom I call friends, realized that the media and the world spent more time sympathizing with the people who killed him than with the victim of said murder.  The newspapers and other media reported his murder with the information that he was autistic, and at least one “autism advocacy” organization completely omitted his name (a point they rectified later with an apology).

I wish I had the chance to know them.  I wish that they could have grown up, grown older, had engaged with the world in the way they would have felt comfortable with, and been offered the supports that they needed. Not what their parents needed, but what they needed.


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