True story by Annie Mimi Hall from Gentle Kindness blog

Gentle Kindness by Kelly Rae Roberts
Gentle Kindness by Kelly Rae Roberts

An example of just how important the little things in our own and others’ lives can be. Annie Mimi Hall shows us that five seconds a day may matter more than we could possibly imagine.

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A few years ago, I was a home health aide for 2 autistic brothers. They lived with their aging grandmother, because their mother had given up on taking care of them. I went to the house every week day and met their school bus. I got them off okay and then helped the grandmother with their dinner, baths and bed routine.

When I had time in between dinner and bedtime, I would do activities with them. I brought my guitar over sometimes and they liked that. I brought art and crafts supplies and we created things together, so that they could feel that they accomplished something.

The younger one was about 14 and he was more severely autistic than the older brother, who was 16. The 16 year old used to play baseball with me in the yard. I bought a plastic bat and ball at the store myself. The…

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