Writing about my own autism also affects others

Autism awareness - background
Any blogger who ventures out of their life and dares speak truth about their life and the lives of others risk being belittled for what they do. I have not experienced that as a blogger. However, I have met harshness from parents who feel I am underqualified to speak for their child. To a certain extent this is true. I do not personally know either them or their child, so how can I possibly know what their personal needs are? But I can say something about how autism affects me and my child.

Autism is like any other spectrum, it is a spectrum. Not one autist / asperger is like another. Our personalities and temperaments vary wildly. Even in my own family I cannot say that what works for me will work for my son. But there are commonalities and these I am equipped to speak about. It is incredibly validating to read a post like the below. While I really do not give a shit about what people think my qualifications are worth, there are many out there who are a lot more vulnerable. To you, I say: read this and draw comfort from it.

“You don’t speak for Low-functioning autistics

Not-autistic people use this line a lot when trying to devalue the statements of autistic people that they deem as “high functioning”.

So, as one of those “low functioning” people they point at as counter-examples, I am standing up and saying “yes they do.”

I do not speak, I do not understand when you speak. Remember you said “those people who cannot speak” as evidence of the label.

I need help going potty. I am not proud of it, but it’s a fact of life. I need to pee just as often as you do, but my body doesn’t tell my brain that, so sometimes my pants get wet when I remember to put them on. That makes me low functioning by your standards. Remember – you said “those people that need help going to the bathroom” as evidence of the label.

I cannot make reasonable decisions about finances. I spend hundreds of dollars a month on an Internet site that gives me a virtual world in which to have friends because in the physical world people scare the poop out of me (see previous point about why that is a bad thing). Remember – you said “those people who can’t handle finances for themselves” as evidence of the label.

I need 24/7 care so I don’t hurt myself by accident because I forget what I am doing while I am doing it, such as cutting an onion with a sharp knife and wave my hand with the knife still in it. Remember you said “those people who need round the clock care” as evidence of the label. ….”

The rest of the article can be found at Lysikan on tumblr


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