Social Typical Cognitive Deficit / Fear of Facts

This whole idea that autists / aspergers are unable to have nuanced thinking is bizarre beyond comprehension. Thank you Asperger human for this article.

Asperger: The HypoSocial Human

There can be little doubt that the cause of poor scientific literacy in the United States is due to an irrational promotion of FACT PHOBIA. Indeed, what non-science-literate people call ‘black and white thinking” is fact-based thinking.

The nonscientific term ‘black and white thinking’ pops up like a rash all over on the internet, especially in popular pseudioscience ‘help’ websites about autism and Asperger people. It also appears in articles written by psychologists, and has many synonyms: concrete, literal, all-or-nothing, dichotomous, polarized, and primitive thinking.

When I first encountered the claim that Asberger individuals are limited to black and white thinking I was shocked, since I use several thinking processes in order to navigate and understand the world. Each type of processing has its function; one or more processes may be appropriate or useful in any particular situation.

Let’s start with some examples:

From – Asperger for Dummies

Concrete “black-and-white” thinking. Many…

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