2015 May 15: Sartenada: 3D Origami

I am a fan of people who fold. Folding paper into beautiful and complex figures is an art form. I do not think I have seen 3D origami previously:

Origami dish
Paper plate / Plato de papel / Assiette en papier / prato de papel | Folded by Sartenada’s wife

In English:

Origami comes from two words. ORI mean Folding and GAMI means Paper. What is 3D Origami? It means that You need identical folded paper pieces, to assemble them together which can tricky. One sheet of copy paper A4 gives 32 folded paper pieces. Using colorful papers to build 3D Origami gives countless number of possibilities to build items in which the imagination is the only limit.

My wife made five very basic 3D origamis. She emphasized to me that these are no “masterpieces”, but experiments. She made one paper swan, two paper flower vases, one paper plate and one jewellery box. After photos I give video links in which You can see how all these are made. Before these video links, I give links how 3D Origami are folded.

The rest of the article can be found here

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