“Funny Numbers” with Robert Osserman, Steve Martin and Robin Williams

A goal of The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute at University of California, Berkeley, is to communicate its love for mathematics and the mathematical sciences. Professor Robert Osserman (1926-2011) held a series public conversations on how cultural matters relate to mathematics. One of those conversations, entitled “Funny Numbers”, was with Steve Martin (actor, play-writer, author and musician). The San Fransisco Chronicle’s Jonathan Curiel described the December 15, 2002 event as

“Martin taking out a banjo and playing the instrument like a country music star; Osserman saying some things as wittily as his famous guest; and — halfway through — Robin Williams suddenly walking onstage, where he bantered, imitated, cajoled and gesticulated (about math, Trent Lott, French people, etc. ) as only Robin Williams can do.”

I laughed. Three incredibly intelligent people playing with conversation, Osserman helpless with laughter at times, held the public in the palms of their hands.



2015 Jul 25: Salcedo, Mike: Doorbell

Artist: Mike Salcedo | Source: Biggfoot Justice Comics
Artist: Mike Salcedo | Source: Bigfoot Justice Comics

Classical conditioning

Latkovich, Robin: Inverted Bestiary

I discovered Robin Latkovich’s site while looking for book covers. Absolutely LOVE the last line. Please visit her site at: http://robinlatkovich.com

Inverted Bestiary: The Reverse Harpy

Reverse Harpy

In the grand scheme of cosmic justice, this beast fulfills a role complementary to its ordinary cousin.  Whereas the traditional Harpy swoops from on high to torment the wicked, the Reverse Harpy seeks to reward the fair-to-decent, usually by dropping in uninvited with a home-cooked meal.  Culinary opinions on the Reverse Harpy’s cooking are split.  While their dishes display an undeniable flair for color, texture, and flavor, most diners find the regurgitated rabbit bones off-putting.

College Humor: If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras

“If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras” – Let’s just be glad they chose the Jurassic period.”

The Secret Life of Pets – Official trailer

One of my friends sent this on Facebook. Being a bit nutty about animals, I do see the humanizing of some of their behavior (cause like, cats don’t taste sweet and don’t really hanker after it the way we do). But I loved this.