Hush. Let’s not talk about it.

Artist: Skirtos (Dmitry)

Killing yourself seems to be one of the great taboos in life. It is perfectly alright to send off young people to kill someone they know nothing about. As long as they do it in another country. Yet they are forbidden to take their own lives if they cannot handle the consequences of those murders. Allowing medical laboratories to test medication on people is fine, but for that lab-“rat” to take their own life is a no-no. We get to take part in sports that may well end up killing the us, yet if that we were to jump off a building to die we would be decried. And the list goes on. Somehow it is worse to be for self-death than it is to accept going to war. Or beating up people for their beliefs and lives. Or abusing family members.

Me. I’m all for people killing themselves. I’m not particularly against people killing other people either. At least not any more than I am against people killing other types of life. Death holds no particular meaning for me. It just is. How life dies is irrelevant once it is gone. I care much more about why people kill themselves or something else.

Looking at the way some people’s lives are, I don’t understand that so few people commit suicide. I realize all sorts of people talk about “it not being worth it”. That type of statement does not make sense. When you are dead you are dead and have no clue what you will or will not miss. Plus some lives are truly shitty. The argument that killing yourself is so much worse for the people around you than other kinds of death is also completely bizarre. That all depends on how their societies have trained them to view death.

Statements that try to tell suicidal people about how they would be missed and how this too shall pass, simply do not understand what how life can be. I have seen some of those lives close up. The last thing I would want to burden a person contemplating suicide with is how they would make me feel. Sure. I would grieve some of those people. But it’s not my choice. It is theirs. Or it should be. If you do choose to kill yourself, at least stay away from bleach. There are better ways to go.

I have no idea if this is an Aspie way of thinking or if I just have more empathy than others. Cause isn’t that what empathy is? Trying to understand and not adding to burdens.

Når jeg våkner…

Ingen kan forstå graden av utmattelse som oppstår ved kroniske smerter før man selv har levd med den forbannelsen.

Skynd deg langsomt

Mange tror at fibromyalgi består av smerter. Og jaggu har de rett. Det er en konstant brennende, stikkende, sviende, maurspisende smerte som jager konstant gjennom kroppen. HELE kroppen. Gjerne ispedd kraftig hodepine og/eller migrene. I forskning blir det mer og mer funnet at fibromyalgi er nervesmerter. Hvor er det du ikke har nerver i kroppen? Svært få steder. Slik ser nervesystemet vårt ut:

Nervesystemet vårt

Når man spør en med fibromyalgi hvor de ikke har vondt, får du gjerne svaret: «Håret kanskje?! Eller til nød nesen…».

I tillegg har ofte fibromyalgi-pasienter smerter i leddene og generelt i alt bløtvev i kroppen. Bindevevet til nyrer, blære, livmor, brystkassen, bryster, binyrer, milt, lunger, ja egentlig alt bindevevet over hele kroppen inkludert muskelatur. Mange har store ansikts og kjevesmerter.  Man har regelrett tannverk i hele kroppen. Ja, er det egentlig rart at fibromyalgi-pasienter tidligere ble ansett for å være hypokondere? Nei, hadde jeg truffet en person…

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Robbie Williams and Ant and Dec join in singing White Christmas

OK all my Merry Gentlepeople. Have fun (a command, if you like). I did.