Privacy – possible?

This past year I have finally become more privacy conscious about my personal information. Ever since pin codes became a thing, I have tried to be good about what kind of passwords and codes I use. However, I haven’t been quite as good when it comes to other areas. Birth date and real name were two things I thought I had to be open about. Of course, there are times when sharing that information appropriate, but not on social media or with the keepers of all information.

Two corporations that annoy the hell out of me, and that I am dropping out of my life, are Google and Microsoft. It turns out nothing of what I have deleted is actually gone. Microsoft keeps all of my mails in case I want to revival them. Google is no better when it comes to privacy issues.

As a result of my experiences, and educating myself about privacy, I (and my better half) have been insistent on avoiding “smart” functions as much as possible. Amazon’s has many privacy issues and one of those is their app “Ring”. The investigative journalists on Point recently released the following video about Amazon’s Video Doorbell. Tsk, tsk Amazon!